Medjool Dates

No two dates are the same, so if you're looking for a sugar replacement for baking, then put your hands on the Medjool date  as they are much sweeter and stickier, making cooking a lot easier.

In all honesty they're not my "go to" sweetener as they do still contain a large amount of fructose, however I do use them for their taste and texture (and of course, stickiness) in certain baking dishes.  I also use them for what they give back to your body.

~ just a few of the benefits ~

  • Fibre - essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient digestive system.
  • Iron -  one portion provides approximately 11% of your daily requirement, which helps improve the blood’s ability to carry oxygen around the body. 
  • Potassium - essential for maintaining healthy heart function and blood pressure, as well as helping to prevent muscle cramping after exercise.
  • They’re a vitamin dense alternative to sugar or processed sweeteners.
  • Note:  dates still contain fructose (30%) which is a much lower percentage than sugar, honey, maple syrup and coconut syrup, however as they are often used in larger quantities, it's good to be aware.