A Birthday.

Something I discovered about myself a long time ago is that I am NOT a Summer person, however I am definitely a picnic person.  Eating food outdoors in any form is a huge highlight for me, and because of this, I will admit that I sometimes get a little jealous of friend's who get to celebrate their birthdays during the Sumer months. 

 So with Melbourne's weather soaring into the high 30's this past Saturday, we ventured outdoors to celebrate Miss E's birthday, relaxing in the shade of the beautiful trees at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

This was the birthday that I spent last Sunday practicing burger recipes for (

as seen here

).  They seemed to go down a treat (along with a few other nibbles I also prepared for the day).

Including some pistachio and rosewater meringues for dessert.

A perfect Saturday.

Happy Birthday Miss E!