Chai and Honey Glazed Cupcakes

I love busy weekends catching up with family and friends, but I love, love, love weekends when I actually get time just to potter.

After working down at the Sydney Road Festival and then feeding my face at  Paella in the Park on Sunday, I was then able to come home and spend the afternoon in a state of bliss, pottering away in the kitchen.

A strange little mix of ingredients that I wasn't quite sure would work out, but in actual fact worked quite nicely together.  I'd spotted the original recipe from Joy the Baker for Chamomile cupcakes, however not being a fan of chamomile personally I decided to give chai tea a try instead - surely it couldn't be too bad?  Could it?


The honey glaze is a winner. A little sweet but a winner nonetheless.

I brought them in for my guinea pigs at work to see what they think. 

Gotta love willing guinea pigs!