I Heart Autumn!

Anyone who knows me knows that Autumn is my favourite season of them all.  Not only is it the season that my birthday falls in, it's also the season that has my perfect weather - warm, bright blue sky days and cool, crisp nights, where I can actually get some sleep.  Bring on the end of Daylight Savings with an extra hour of sleep and I'm in absolute heaven!

One of the other reasons I love the weather getting cooler is that I am a devout lover of the humble bowl of soup.  No need for the tinned variety at my place because there is guaranteed to be a number of containers of various types of soup frozen in my freezer.  Chunky, thin, vegetarian, you name it!

And this Thai-Style Tomato Soup was recently added to my ever growing list.



Recipe courtesy of Delicious Quick Smart Cook Cookbook

I love you Autumn!