What more could a girl want . . .

I've never been to Normandy.

However, in a couple of months time the above sentence will no longer be true.

I'll be cycling around the local villages, visiting Monet's garden, shopping at the food markets and basically eating all the French food I can get my hands on. I'm salivating as I think about it.

For me, this holiday is all about immersing myself in French life.  I've seen the tourist sights, so now I simply want to wander around and shop at the food markets and then cook with all the amazing produce, and to help get me inspired I've been pouring over all of my French cookbooks. Geez, I've got loads of them!

One in particular is At My French Table by Jane Webster.

Jane is a Melbournian who moved to France, Normandy in particular, to start a new life with her family.  My dream!  Maybe one day.  I actually had the privilege of meeting Jane recently at the launch of her new cookbook - Family Ties. 

Listening to Jane speak about her move to France and the stories related to the purchase her new home gave me goose bumps.  Again, maybe one day!

So in honour of Normandy and my soon to be holiday there, I give you the humble


Normandy Apple Cake


This is not your light, fluffy, everyday teacake.  The texture is much more dense, however the crispy crust that forms on this teacake is exceptional.  Almost a buttery/caramelised like flavour which had me craving more of "just the ends".

One thing to note - Jane suggests serving the cake with pouring cream, which I did (on my second slice).  I have to say, I preferred it without it as the cream took away the texture and flavour of my favourite part of the cake.  The crust.  Maybe I'd better have another slice just to make sure.

Washed down with a pot of hot tea and Amelie playing on the TV - what more could a girl want!