Easter Weekend Cont ....

From the Red Hill Market to the winery for lunch, we then hit the beach.  You couldn't ask for a better way to finish up a trip down the coast than with a leisurely stroll along the (almost) deserted beach, dipping our toes in the surf for probably the last time this season. 

Having typical English skin, I burn very easily in Summer so I have never been a fan of the beach.  When I was younger I remember slathering my body in baby oil thinking I'd eventually tan.  The only result unfortunately was 3rd degree burns.  Thankfully I became a bit wiser as I got older. 

The beach during the cooler seasons is a whole other story though- I love it.  A brisk walk all rugged up, knowing you'll be heading home to a hot shower and perhaps a glass of red puts a big smile on my face.

One of my girlfriend's playing model for me.

I felt rejuvenated and refreshed.  Never underestimate the power of fresh sea air and sand being squished between your toes!