Hola !

It's a real treat for me when someone else does the cooking.  When I get to be the spoilt one.  I love it!  Who wouldn't?  So when one of my girlfriends decided to host a Spanish night - I was in with bells on.

Can I tell you, Miss A can cook!

I was in heaven after my first glass of Sangria and first mouthful of the beautiful plump muscles with a sherry vinaigrette topping.  Ahh.....this was going to be a good night, especially when we were introduced to the huge BUCKET of Sangria calling out for us to consume it from the kitchen. 

My favourite dish of the night!

I told you she could cook!

A night of delicious food, wine, friends, laughter (and a little Dancing Queen), found me snoozing on the couch at 4am.  God I rock......haha!