My Easter Weekend !

I'm a bit of a fan of the Red Hill Market.  I don't often buy anything from there, apart from a coffee and a morning egg and bacon roll.  Perhaps some fresh veggies and eggs.  However, I just really love wondering around the stalls seeing what all of the talented people have come up with to make and sell.

I love the smell of the wood fire being used to heat up the water for the billy tea.

...... and perhaps a Crabapple cupcake or two ......

A successful morning of strolling always deserves to be followed up with a yummy relaxing lunch.

Yellow was definitely the colour of the day.  The beautiful Autumn leaves and the vines all with that stunning yellow glow.  A beautiful Easter Saturday spent relaxing and eating amongst the vines.  I couldn't help thinking that I'd be doing exactly this in France in the not too distant future.