A Big Box of Goodies !

Dinner Hero.  Have you ever heard of this?  Up until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't.

I was recently asked to give it a try and see what I thought, so I quickly jumped on-line to take a look and what I discovered was something very special.  Dinner Hero's (in my own words) is the next step on from simply having your vegies delivered.  This is having your dinners delivered, but not pre-cooked, packaged dinners.  Dinner Hero's provides 5 dinner recipes along with all the produce required to make those dishes from the meat, eggs and dairy to the grains, herbs and fresh vegetables.  You still need to cook, which I have to say is one of the reasons I've really taken to it.

I've mentioned time and time again how much I use cooking to wind down after work.  It's my 'switch off' time.  The part I often don't have time for though is deciding what I'm going to cook and then getting the time to go to the various markets to grab all of the ingredients.  Voila!  With Dinner Hero's, it's done.  A big box of goodies delivered to your door each fortnight. 

So what's in the box, I hear you say?

Dinner 1

Mediterranean Lamb with Garlic and Yoghurt Sauce and a Vegetable Medley Topped with Crumbled Feta

Superb! The garlic yoghurt was sensational (wanted to lick the bowl), and the fresh produce to make the dish was really lovely (they even had my favourite brands of feta and olives).

If I was being picky (which is the whole point of doing this sort of thing, isn't it?) I found the lamb a little sinewy. Just a couple of pieces I found I needed to pull out of my mouth which was a little disappointing. I'm hoping it was just that particular batch of lamb strips (and it was only a small amount within my batch) but it did make me question it.  Please note, I only say this as I'm very, very picky when it comes to choosing meat - especially pieces that are going to be cooked in a flash. The flavour, however was beautiful!

Hmmmmm......what's for dinner tonight?