Dinner No. 2 !

Time to look in the big box of goodies from DinnerHero once again and decide which of the recipes was going to be my next dinner ....Hmmmm.....what to choose.............

Asian-Style Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

A big (actually I mean HUGE) bowl of comfort right here.  This dish actually made three generous serves instead of the recommended 2, and oh so filling with both chicken and noodles swimming around in there.  I think I even woke up still feeling full the following morning.

A wonderfully quick mid-week meal.  Nothing about it had a 'wow' factor but eaten on a particularly cold night here in Melbourne, it was exactly what I wanted.  The mellow flavours were what made this dish such a comfort, and the chicken was so juicy and flavoursome, it was a real delight.

All up, it took probably half an hour to make.  Not bad at all for a Tuesday night!

The only thing I supplied towards this dish was the olive oil that was used at the beginning.  Everything else was supplied in the big goody box from all those beautiful fresh vegetables, to the free range chicken, the noodles and the stock.  It doesn't get much easier than that!