Dinner No. 4 !

My favourite! Out of the five recipes sent to me from DinnerHero, this has been my favourite. Simple and comforting - perfect for a cold Tuesday night meal when a friend pops over for dinner.

Parmesan Crusted Schnitzel with Asparagus and Boccocini Salad

We never really grew up (well, from what I remember) eating crumbed food. Maybe the occasional Chicken Kiev (either the frozen variety from the supermarket which you popped into the oven to cook) or when my mum and I would have dinner at the Southern Cross Hotel in the city. I thought I was so sophisticated eating Chicken Kiev. With a foreign name, why wouldn’t I at that age?

These days I rarely eat crumbed food, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate a Chicken Kiev (although now that I’m writing this I’m getting a little craving…..) I don’t eat crumbed food, not because I don't like the taste but purely due to health reasons – once crumbed it usually requires frying of some sort, so I just tend to avoid it altogether. I have enough trouble fitting into my clothes without adding fried/crumbed food to my diet!

Even though this dish required frying in olive oil, I decided to embrace the process for this one time, and God, it was good! The piece of griello was superb. So tender with loads of flavour, you really couldn’t go wrong.

Served with silky smooth mashed potato and a salad of roasted asparagus, fresh tomato and bocconcini – perfection on a plate for Tuesday night.