A cake for the girls !

With a cupboard and fridge full of ingredients and the rain still pouring down outside, it's little wonder I spent the weekend baking.  It's also not often that I get the chance to do it over a WHOLE weekend.  I had nothing in my calendar, I had no catering jobs on and I had nothing pressing that I had/wanted to do, so I embarrassed the baker within and baked, washed dishes, baked again, washed dishes again and baked yet again....until I could bake no more!

One of the little treats to come out of the oven was this delicious (and might I add somewhat girly)

Orange Cake

(recipe courtesy of Donna Hay)

With a thick layer of orange blossom icing and topped with pretty little flowers - this cake put a big smile on my face and not to mention, a satisfying extra few kilos on my thighs. 

Well, there goes those 2kg I lost the other week....ho hum!