The French Exchange Student .

Lunch this past Sunday was spent at my sister's house. I always laugh when travelling out to her house as I always feel as though I'm heading out into the country side. They don't live all that far away, and they definitely don't live in the country, however the amount of trees that build up on the drive out from where I live in the inner city is tenfold!

So basically, I like to think I spent Sunday out in the country, meeting the French exchange student who is staying with them - Gaspard, enjoying a typical Aussie BBQ (consisting of way too much food as always) and lots of board games. Gaspard certainly seemed to fit into the family very easily, playing practical jokes and hiding my monopoly money from me. I thought I'd gone mad!

I had planned to practice my French on him but as he's out here to learn English, it didn't seem very fair.

I did contribute a few dishes to the day, but the only one I photographed was this Crunchy Ginger Slice (more to come on this later). Unfortunately we were so full by the time this came out, I ended up taking most of it back home again with me. Jeez - the things we have to do.