The Humble Fruit Cake !

I'm always a little wary of people who don't like fruit cake.  How could you not like it?  It's dense, sweet and soul-lifting.  Especially one that's chock full of luscious fruit and then of course smothered in butter.

My mum is a HUGE fan, so needless to say, I grew up with fruit cake constantly located in our fridge - a little slice here and there with a cup of tea......perfection!

This particular recipe is actually called a Fruit Loaf (from the Quick Smart Cook Cookbook by Valli Little).  Mind you, I did change the recipe to suit my own taste buds using my favourite dried fruit - dates!  I especially love the way cooked dates add a deep caramel flavour and chewy texture to dishes - it just can't be beaten!

Even though it was slightly overcooked (oops!),  this cake was even more delicious than I thought it would be  - that beautiful caramel flavour was made more intense, and in the words of my mum herself

"nostalgia perhaps for my burnt offerings from the past"

made this cake what it was.  I haven't been able to stop eating it since!