My discovery of the week . .

While I'll be travelling through France later in the year, my brother and his family are planning to move into my place (as they'll be in the middle of renovations of their own home at the time), so I've been slowly going through cupboards/draws, clearing space and throwing away any crap I've accumulated over time.  I'm definitely NOT a hoarder - if it doesn't have a place to live in my home then it's out.  However, I'm amazed at the junk I've still managed to keep.  Things I'd forgotten I had.

This included a copy of an eCookbook I printed out ages ago for Stone Soup by Jules Clancy - a free eCookbook filled with simple 5 ingredient recipes that take no longer than 10 minutes to prepare.  Finding this recipe book came at the perfect time as I've been looking for inspiration for quick (cheap) mid-week meals.

The first one to grab my attention, as I already had everything in the cupboard/fridge/freezer (except for the laksa paste) was the recipe for:


Veggie Laksa


I have "tweaked" the recipe a little by adding prawns and then adjusting the seasoning at the end with soy sauce and lime juice.  Perhaps it was the brand of laksa paste I bought that was laking in this area or maybe it was just my taste buds!

This dish literally took no time at allmake - just like the cookbook says.  The hardest part was chopping all the veggies - and I used a mandolin for that!