Where has the year gone ?

No sooner do I switch my computer off at the office on a Friday afternoon, then I'm switching it back on again on a Monday morning.  Suddenly it's Friday again.  Where is the time flying off to?  I remember being back at school praying the year would end - dying for Christmas and the Summer holidays to finally arrive.  They seemed to take forever.  Now, I'm begging time to slow down. 

This past Saturday I somehow ended up with a whole day with nothing planned.  I dream of these days!  A whole day to do whatever I want without watching the clock in case I'm running late for anything.  Unfortunately, I also did what I always do to myself - sabotage!  Without thinking I'd just as quickly booked up my day at the very last minute leaving only a couple of hours to myself.  Doh!  Needless to say I enjoyed those rare few hours by cooking.

Crunchy Ginger Slice

(recipe from Donna Hay magazine)

I'd ripped this particular page out of the magazine actually for the recipe on the back - the Rhubarb Crumble Slice I made a little while ago as a birthday present for some friends.  Of course, I had to give the Crunchy Ginger Slice a whirl around the kitchen and it was well worth it.

I love ginger, I love butter and I love anything in the form of a slice.

I took a box of these along to my sister's on the Sunday (see here).  Alas, they were pulled out too late in the day when everyone was full, so most made the trip back home with me.....yay me!