Getting my hands dirty . . .

Guess what I got to do on Friday.......

I headed behind the scenes at the Bakers Delight Victorian Training Centre to get my hands dirty and learn how they make their new Chia and Fruit range, along with two fellow bloggers from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags and Kate from Our Little Sins.

The brand new Bakers Delight Chia and Fruit Loaf contains Chia, one of the highest natural sources of omega-3 ALA and is a tasty new addition to the Bakers Delight range, full of wholegrains and no added sugar!

Testing the dough to see if it's ready.

One of my all time favourite things to do is to visit a bakery.  The smell wins me over everytime and because of this, I rarely make bread myself (why deny myself the pleasure).  However Dean gave us some amazing tips and tricks to try - I'm now itching to make my own! 

Delicious!  I've been eating it all weekend (I'll admit, smothered in butter).  It's the texture that I love the most - filled with dates and sultanas and made with 100% wholemeal flour.  Not that tissue paper white bread fruit loaf that's on the market these days.

I also love, love, love that there is no sugar added!  Believe me, I made it and there was no sugar in sight.  This is something that I just assumed would be in there and am so pleased that it wasn't.

This new range of loafs and buns are being released this Thursday and to celebrate I have 3 x $10 Bakers Delight cards for you to try the new range for yourself. 

Send me a note if you'd like to receive one (first in, best dressed!)

A huge thank you to the guys at Keep Left Marketing and of course to Dean and the Bakers Delight guys.  I had a wonderful time getting my hands dirty, and of course, tasting the beautiful end product.

Such a wonderful way to spend a Friday morning.