Happy Birthday Bro !

My brother - what can I say about him that I've not already said? 

He spent my childhood torturing me with Chinese burns.  Tricking me into doing all the dishes (ok, I admit I was probably a bit gullible back then).  Racing me down the street telling me he'd let me win.....not.  Hanging me by my feet over the toilet bowl if I'd kept him up all night giggling.  Yet, even after a lifetime filled with all of this torment, we still spent Sunday celebrating his birthday in what's fast becoming a tradition with a four course lunch.  Although we only managed to eat our way through three of the courses (see previous lunches here and here).   

The sun was shining, the bubbles were popping and the Cuban music was playing......what a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday Spring afternoon.

Yellow Split Pea Dip - officially one of my all time favourite things!

Pickled turnips eaten with prosciutto......you can't get much better than that!

With our bellies bursting, the little passionfruit yo-yo's seen below were saved for another day.

Happy Birthday Bro!


...... stay tuned as I'll be posting recipes on some of the dishes seen above soon.....