White Bean Mash - Delicious !

The humble white bean - I've eaten these little beauties for years - tossed in salads, maybe turned into my own version of baked beans, I've even pureed them with a little garlic and lemon and dolloped them on some crostini, but never have I used them as a replacement to mashed potatoes......and I'm in love!

There is something slightly decadent about it, and served with this quick and simple savoury mince - I enjoyed a most delicious supper this particular night.


Spanish Chicken


This is the fourth recipe I've made from the 10 ingredients/5 recipes post found on the blog by the very talented lady known as Jules - The Stone Soup (see here).  I'm loving this website more and more with its simple recipes which focus on whole (real) food.

This little recipe didn't disappoint.  Fast, easy and oh so delicious - the smokey paprika making me lick my lips after every forkful.  And of course, the wonderful white bean mash - It's now one of my favourite things to eat at the moment.

My body thanks you Jules' !