A very strange day . . .

A strange day.  One we've actually titled the "day we nearly died".

We didn't eat for 6 hours straight!

Certainly not for any reason on our part, but try as we might we just could not find anywhere that interested our taste buds, or we'd finally find the perfect little place only to sit down and be told they were no longer serving food!  Pourqoi?

With severe hunger pains motivating us, we kept on.  From street to street.  Arrondissement to arrondissment.

And there, peeking between shop windows was our answer.  Our oasis. 

A tiny courtyard.  Communal tables.  Fast and loud service.  Food.  Perfection.

Due to our late arrival, lasagne was basically all that was on offer, and by God it was good!  It could be my stomach talking, but I'd go as far as to say it was one of the best lasagnes I've eaten.  Perfectly seasoned.  Perfectly cooked.

Did I mention the word perfection?!