Apple Overload !

Normandy = Apples = Baking = Happy Girl!

What to do with so many apples literally falling on your doorstep on a rainy day in Normandy?  You bake a Normandy Apple Cake, that's what you do!

Have you ever made a cake where you have no idea if you're using plain flour/self raising flour/caster sugar, etc.  Or no measuring utensils?? 

I half expected this cake to go straight in the bin....but alas, it was delicious.  In fact, if I might be so bold, I thought it was better than the original one I made

(see post and recipe here)


Maybe it was the few Normandy raindrops that fell into the batter as I was mixing it by hand.

Maybe my total love of this section of France came through.

Maybe a  little too caramelised (ok, burnt) on top, but oh so delicious just the same.  Again, no cream necessary.  Only a pot of tea required.