La Maisonnette !

Once upon a time, 2 friends beautiful young Princesses lived a fairytale

Their castle, La Maisonnette, sits at the top of the hill where they look down over the village of Beynac and the La Dordogne River.  Their neighbour, the Chateau Beynac.

The two friends like to make the town folk envious as they pull out the keys and unlock the gate of the best looking castle in the whole of Beynac. 

"Yes, this is where we live - are you jealous?"

 they giggle to themselves every day.  Modesty is not their strength.

They open wide the balcony door of their castle each morning while doing a spot of pilates, waiting for the mist to rise and the sun to show its happy face. 

Waiting for their daily rendezvous at La Petit Tonnelle. 

The icing on the cake of this fairytale is their discovery of Christoph.  A sweet and extremely professional man who runs the local taxi in Beynac, as well as organising private tours of the region. 

They call him their Gentle Giant.

They want to take him with them.

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