Lazy Long Weekend !

One vivid memory I have of Summertime way back when is being down at the local pool, hoping across the hot concrete with bare feet to the canteen to buy myself a raspberry Sunny Boy before hoping my way back to my towel and laying under the hot sun, the Sunny Boy melting down my hands. 

Back in the 80's there was no shelter at all, and to the horror of my mother (and to me later that night), I would always come home with third degree burns!

Thankfully I'm a little wiser now.  For one thing, I no longer use Reef Coconut Tanning Oil (because I thought I'd be cool like the older kids who used it).  I also tend to spend my time these days under the shade of an umbrella, and my preference is for that umbrella to be at a cafe.  A view of the water = bonus!

So this lazy long Australia Day weekend was spent down the coast - enjoying the best of what Australia has to offer.

What did you get up to?