Cookbook Challenge #5

With what seemed like hundreds of egg whites sitting in my freezer and a picnic to plan for, I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to make than the humble French friand, especially as it was for the So Frenchy So Chic in the Park picnic (see post here)


Strawberry and Vanilla Friands

Delicious Magazine (unknown date)

As you may have guessed, I've been sorting through all of my cooking magazines which seem to date back to the stone age.  In the process of culling (one of my all time favourite things to do), I've not noted down dates of magazines that I've ripped recipes from.  Oh least you can come back here for the recipe if you'd like to try it for yourself.

The comment I found interesting from my friends when they ate these was that normally they do not like anything containing almond meal - they find it tastes too much like marzipan.  I found this really interesting because I LOVE anything and everything with almond in it.  I don't discriminate.  I just assumed they were the same.  Oh well, not everyone can be perfect...hehe

However, they did say they loved these and the proof was in the spotlessly clean container I had by the end of the day.

The perfect sweet morsel for the most perfect day.