Poisson Meuniere

Yes.  Another recipe from the cookbook I have fallen head over heals for.

I hope you're not bored yet, cause there is a lot more coming.

Each time I think I'll flick through another cookbook, I find I get a couple of pages in and then suddenly, low and behold, it's back in my hot little fingers once again.

I guess I can't really call it a "crush" anymore as I think we've moved more into "stalker" territory now.

If you love fish and you love butter, then you'll thank me for this little gem of a recipe.......


Poisson Meuniere

fish with lemon and brown butter sauce

(The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo)



Meuniere translates as "miller's wife", referring to the flour used to dredge the fish before it is cooked, acting as a protective barrier and preventing the flesh from drying out.

It's my favourite ONLY way to cook fish at the moment.

Geez, I am a little obsessive, aren't i?!