Secret Recipe Club - April

It's April, and that means it's Secret Recipe Club time once again.

This month I was given the blog Cooking in Stiletto's to stroll through and find my next little recipe.

 It's Autumn here in Australia and I'm sooooo looking forward to all of those yummy slow cooked foods I'm planning to cook as the weather gets cooler.  The wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen.  My mouth drooling knowing that that aroma will be gobbled up and in my tummy in a few hours time.

One of the aroma's I love (sometimes even more than actually eating it) is the smell of roast chicken.

So seeing the following recipe on Aly's Cooking in Stiletto's.....I simply said.....yes please!


Lemon and Milk Braised Chicken

(see original recipe here)



I've never cooked chicken in milk, but I can tell you it works!

Perfectly moist with a real subtle flavour of lemon - I really loved it!

I also love the name of her blog - Cooking in Stiletto's.

Never tried to do it myself - I'm more of a slippers and cuppa tea type gal.