The Cookbook Challenge #18

When I'm having a lazy day, one of my favourite things to do is to curl up on the couch with a pot of tea and flick through recipe books.  I also, like many of you who are also home cooks, have folders filled with recipes torn out of magazines, and I love to also flick through these, sometimes wondering why I haven't yet tried a particular recipe, and then for others, wondering why the hell I kept it or tore it out in the first place.

The below recipe is one I've had for quite a while and never managed to make.

That is until now....

Chocolate Orange Kisses

Donna Hay Magazine (date unknown)

These delicious and might I add oh so simple to make little beauties accompanied my Bitter Chocolate Meringue Tart to work for my birthday (see here).

Chewy sticky meringue with a subtle burst of orange chocolate.  An amazing combination of flavours and a very pretty treat to look at....kinda like me....hehe

Told you I'd be celebrating all month!