A Cake for My New Home !

May.  What a whirlwind of a month for me.

Celebrating my birthday for the entire month kept me a busy girl, and if trips to Hobart, catering, cooking classes and lots of eating out wasn't enough....I also managed to move house.

Hence, the lack of cooking posts this month..sorry!

Sitting in the quite with a cup of tea in my new home, I'm reveling in the peace.  I love the sound of the trams whizzing by and overhearing snippets of conversation from pedestrians chatting as they wander by, but no longer do I hear the noise that constant construction generates from my old neighbour.

Peace is such a simple thing. 

It's amazing how much not having it can affect you.

So in the peace and quiet of my new kitchen, I made cake.

An old fashioned Apple Shortcake.

The recipe was found over at Dulcie May Kitchen

(see here)