The Cookbook Challenge #23

My aunty, (Hi Aunty V) sent me some money for my birthday back in May, and guess what I bought?

Yep, ANOTHER cookbook!

(I know I'm not alone in the "obsessive buying of cookbooks" department, am I Miss A)

The photos alone in this little book have won me over, let alone the beautiful and delicious recipes, as well as her belief in celebrating seasonal fruits and bringing alive ancient flours, such as rye and spelt, as an alternative to all the refined sugars out there in the market place.  Bringing more depth of flavour and texture to create a healthier way to bake.

I'm sold!

I recently made the following dessert for my mum's Mother's Day feast (see here).  The end dish was probably a little on the sweet side for me, but that can easily be rectified next time.

I LOVED the flavour combination though.


Pear and Ginger Crumble

Love Bake Nourish - Amber Rose



I served with my home-made Vanilla Bean Semifreddo (see here)

Such minimal effort delivers a huge bowl of wonderful Winter comfort.  What I call a "wow factor" dessert. 

You've gotta love a crumble!