The Cookbook Challenge #25

Growing up, one of my all time favourite desserts was chocolate mousse.  If it was on the menu, it was in my tummy.  I couldn't get enough of it.

I loved it most when it was light and airy, almost like a fluffy pillow, and not too chocolaty.

I loved it so much that I remember going into the local Taco Bills with one of my girlfriends, back when we were on our "P" Plates, and ordering 2 chocolate mousse desserts to take away.  No Mexican food, just the desserts!

We were the talk of the kitchen.

Over the years I've hunted high and low for a chocolate mousse recipe that reminds me of those days and unfortunately I've only ever found ones that are either too bitter, too rich, too heavy, or waaay too complicated.

Until now.....


Chocolate Mousse

When I Get Home Cookbook by Matt Moran