I. Quit. Sugar !

Yes sir.  I've quit sugar.

I'm actually not a believer in cutting out any food group from my diet - I believe eaten in moderation, you can eat just about anything.  And to be honest, when in the past I have cut something out of my diet, I've ended up binging on it 3 x more due to depravity.  It just doesn't work for me.

However, lately I've not been feeling 100%.  I'm bloated and puffy, and my skin is so itchy I'm driving myself insane with it.  My body is obviously crying out for help.

Through my research over time I've come to see that highly processed foods provide nothing good for our bodies.  This is not a new fact to me and is something I've been taking into consideration in my diet for some time, however with a history of diabetes in my family, I've decided to jump in feet first and try a little experiment. 

No sugar for 8 weeks.

Holy cow!

I've never considered myself a sugar addict.  I'm not a fan of fast food, and I believe I eat nutritious balanced meals on a daily basis, but when you actually look closer, I eat a shit load of sugar without even realising it.  I have honey in my lemon tea EVERY morning.  I eat lots of fresh fruit and dried fruits.  There's honey in my organic yoghurt I have for breakfast most mornings.  Large amounts of sugar can also be found in my everyday food items like balsamic vinegar and chutneys.  Now that I'm looking, it seems to be everywhere.

I realise everyone has there own personal opinions on the matter, however I'm jumping into this experiment with my eyes and heart wide open.

Wish me luck!