Mid-Week Meal Time !

Have you ever been to Toulouse?

I've been close to the town, but have never made it there...YET! 

Being the home of the famous Toulouse sausage and of course the mouth watering dish Cassoulet, I can't believe I've not made it there as yet.  Mind you, if I was to visit every region of France based on where my favourite foods originated from, it would take my whole lifetime.  I wouldn't mind giving it a whirl though.

If you've never heard of it, Toulouse is located almost between Bordeaux and Montpellier, South/West of Paris, and as homage to one of my favourite sausages, which I just happened to pick up at the market recently (a yummy pork sausage made with white wine and garlic), here is my interpretations of one of my favourite salads of the moment......



Salade Toulousaine


Typically, Salade Toulousaine is made with both chickpeas and haricot beans, however, I just love lentils in this dish as they seem to make the dressing beautifully thick and creamy.

I also love to dollop some creamy yoghurt on the top.