Secret Recipe Club - August

Meet Katrina from Baking and Boys!  A mother with a house full of testosterone in the shape of 4 boys and her husband.  I like to think she bakes to help keep her sanity (my words).  How she manages to do it all beats me as I struggle with time management and I don't have any children!  I tip my hat to my blog partner for this month's Secret Recipe Club.

I loved looking through Katrina's blog as it's filled with photos of her beautiful family and little stories of her life.  Of course, it's also filled with yummy recipes, but I couldn't go past this particular recipe as it had my name written all over it....


Sour Cream and Lemon Pound Cake

(see original recipe here)



I only made a slight change to Katrina's recipe, in that I used full-fat sour cream as I much prefer the taste and texture of it.  I'm really not a fan of low-fat products due to the high amounts of sugar normally added to compensate.

I also decided to add a little glaze to the top of my cake but melting down some yummy French jam with a good squeeze of lemon juice and pouring it over the top.  To be perfectly honest, the cake doesn't need anything at all, but I just felt it needed a little shiny coat for it's photo session.


This is definitely my sort of cake as it's no secret that I LOVE lemon cakes (see previous recipes hereherehere and here).  This one is not overly sweet and with a fairly moist and dense texture - this is not a crumbly, light fluffy cake that you can eat slice after slice of.  One slice filled me to the brim and I loved every bite of it.

Thanks Katrina!