The Birthday Cake

Growing up, I loved celebrating my birthday and I always looked forward to my actual party.  Every one of them had to have a theme.  The Rainbow party, The 60's hot dog and milkshake party...the list goes on.

But, what I remember most, apart from the party where all the photos show my mum still with her hair curlers in, was the cake.  I loved the anticipation of opening the box that my mum would come home with from the local cake shop to see what was inside.  I was never disappointed.

I guess that why I can go a little over the top for others.

Like this double chocolate cake I made for my brother's birthday recently.....


(recipe originally discovered in Delicious Magazine - date unknown)


Unfortunately, the plan for a luscious white chocolate and sour cream icing wasn't to with only half an hour to go before the family arrived, we raced to the local milk bar to make the most expensive chocolate butter icing on the planet.

It was bloody good!