IQS: Week 3 !

I have always stated, and still 100% agree, that Autumn is my favourite season of all.  However, there is something magical about Spring, especially at the very beginning of the season.  The smell of blossoms that permeate the air every morning on my walk to work is intoxicating.  It makes me want to jump out of bed and get moving quickly so I can breath it in again and again. 

This may make no sense at all, but I'm so pleased to be quitting sugar at this time of year.  Maybe it's because Spring is about starting anew.  A fresh start.  Waking up (after Winter).  A Spring clean, if you will. 

It's week 3 of my 8 week experiment and I've had my ups and downs.  I've lost a little weight.  My skin feels amazing, and I no longer have that insatiable hunger that lived below the surface - never ever really knowing it was there until it was gone.  The downs have been the expected detox symptoms.  Sluggishness, tiredness and the occasional craving - the thought of a mouthful of jelly beans has made me stir crazy some days, but I have not given in.  When I commit, I commit - maybe that's the Taurean in me.

These photos were taking on my walk to work one beautiful Spring morning - can you now see why I crave it each and every morning?!