Welcome Back Berries !

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially on a lazy Sunday.

Normally, eggs are my breakfast of choice.....

But today it was pancakes.

Apple Pancakes with Mixed Berries


Now you might be wondering why, when I'm avoiding fructose, I'm eating pancakes with fruit? 

Well, I love my fruit and I still have to live in this big bad world of ours, so I have made the choice to introduce low-fructose fruits back into my diet and just see how my body reacts to them. Eaten in moderation and along with some protein, I'm hoping all will be good.

I will admit, I did hesitate before making these as normally after eating pancakes I would often feel icky.  I'd find the syrup to be way too sweet leaving me wanting to brush my teeth straight away, and leave me craving more food just a few short hours later.

These were different.

With the yoghurt adding protein and only a slight sweetness from the berries, I felt good eating these and enjoyed every mouthful.

I was full for hours!