Why would I ever want take-away?

After my brothers and sister had all left home and it was just me and mum, we would often find ourselves popping to the shops on a daily basis, picking up whatever we needed fresh for that night's dinner.  We were not the type of people who did a "prepare for the week ahead" weekly shop.

I'm no longer that sort of person.

These days, if you were to stick your nose into my fridge, you'll see it almost bursting at the seems.  So when I decide, during a busy and stressful day, that I want take-away for dinner, and even if I am already on route to the Thai restaurant, I will 99.9% of the time think of my fridge and all the yummy things crammed inside and end up turning back, heading home and whipping up something better and even quicker than take-out.

Just like this little beauty.......


Prawn, Ricotta, Lemon and Parsley Pasta



This dish takes as much time as it does to cook the pasta, and in the end you have a tangy, creamy and decadent bowl of yummy goodness in front of you.

Seriously, why would I eat take-out???