Food for Thought : Spelt Flour

Food for thought:  Have you ever used spelt flour in your baking?

It seems to be quite a popular "ancient grain" that is now popping up all over the place, in pasta, breads and even in some wheat-free recipes (however, I do believe it does contain some gluten). 

I absolutely love it as I can substitute it into all of my baking recipes, and it gives a wonderful nutty and slightly sweet flavour.  I also love it as it is a little higher in protein than normal wheat flour and is easier to digest.

Be warned not to overwork it though, as it can end up being a little crumbly in texture.

A big thank you to Amber Rose for this stunning cake recipe which showcases spelt flour at its very best.  I believe that Amber's recipes (those that I have tried so far) have more depth of flavour and wonderful textures, as well as being more nourishing than those that focus on sugar and refined wheat.  It's always a pleasure baking and then of course, enjoying them.


Lemony Hazelnut and Blueberry Cake

(recipe adapted from Bake Love Nourish Cookbook)


This was the wonderful birthday cake I made for my sister's birthday dinner last weekend (see here). 

Just one tip - use a mild-flavoured honey in this recipe as the flavour really pop's in this cake!