Secret Recipe Club - December !

Meet Meghan from Cupcake with Sprinkles.  An amazing baker, beautiful blogger and mother of three.

As you know, I've been staying away from fructose lately so I laughed out loud when I received Meghan as my secret partner for this month's Secret Recipe Club challenge.  With a title like Cupcake with Sprinkles, it doesn't get more sugary than that..haha!

As you can imagine, Meghan's blog is filled to the brim with stunning cakes and of course mouth was watering the whole time and excuses, should I happen to bake and eat all of her recipes, where flying out of my mouth faster than I could wipe up the drool.....

 But then I saw it..........the recipe with my name written all over it.


Mini Raspberry Cheesecake

(see original recipe here)

I did change Meghan's recipe to suit my dietary requirements and I LOVED it!  And if I loved my version this much then Meghan's original recipe must be absolutely superb!

Also, these might look a little familiar to you, as we scoffed them all down at my annual Christmas picnic last week.  If you missed it, check it out here.