Blueberry and Lemon Mini Cupcakes

I recently introduced you to Melinda of Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies with her Raspberry and Coconut Gluten/Fructose-Free Cupcakes (see here).  Well, I'm back with her second fructose-free product......Blueberry and Lemon Gluten/Fructose-Free Cupcakes

My first impression was on opening the packet - all I could smell was blueberries, and once they were in the oven the smell just filled up the kitchen.  It actually made my mouth water.

Funnily, the cooked cake was much more subtle in flavour, and as with the Raspberry and Coconut cupcakes, the texture was a little heavier and drier than a "normal" cake due to the gluten-free flavour.  However, as I made these ones mini sized (the packet made approx. 30 mini cupcakes), I found them a lot easier to simply pop into my mouth.....hmmm....maybe not such a good thing!

Would I use Melinda's pre-mixes again?  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure.  Purely for the fact that I am someone who loves to bake from scratch using various flours from spelt to buckwheat depending on my mood and taste buds.  However, it's heartening to know that out there on a supermarket shelf, there is an option for me or for anyone who isn't as interested in baking as I am.  An option not filled with fructose or artificial substances.

An option competing with all those sugar giants.

We need more Melinda's in this world.