Did you know Quiche Lorraine has no cheese ?

Known typically as a French classic, would you believe that the humble Quiche Lorraine actually first made it's appearance in Germany?  This is a fact I never knew.

I also never knew that Quiche Lorraine does not contain cheese?!  Hunh....I always just assumed?!

Only three simple and humble ingredients make this dish what it is.  A delicate and wholesome lunch which made the trek with me the other weekend to Werribee Gardens for the So Frenchy So Chic picnic

Looking for simple picnic food?  Look no further.

Quiche Lorraine

(recipe from My Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo)

I'm so used to quiches stuffed full with various ingredients so I did find, on my first taste, this one a little light on flavour.  However, I did love the beautiful simplicity of it.

Also, you may notice in the cookbook that Rachel does not blind bake her pastry.  Having tried this a month or so ago, I found the quiche needed to stay in the oven a lot longer than required to ensure a cooked bottom, which or course left the filling a little worse for wear.

Hence, I highly recommend blind baking!

Bon appetite, or should I really be saying Guten Appetit!