I may be French, but . . .

As you all know by now, I'm a French woman trapped in the body of an Australian (yes, AND I'm a little delusional).   As you also know, I'm obsessed by all things French.  However, there is one other region out there that piques my interest and that is Scandinavia.

I have no reason why this is.

I can only guess that it's perhaps the millions of books I read that are set in Norway, or perhaps it was discovering just how delicious the food is over there through looking at Jamie Oliver's Cookbook - Jamie Does...

Whatever the reason beneath my simmering interest, I know that one day I will visit.  However, until that day and to satisfy my little craving, here is my version of Farskpotatissalad (Scandinavian new potato salad).


New Potato Salad (Served with Smoked Salmon)


If there is one ingredient NOT to miss in this recipe, it would be the vinegar.  I love, love, love the tang it brings to the somewhat bland potatoes and it also helps cut through the creaminess of the sour cream.

Trust me!