Packet Cake Mix !

It's no secret that I don't use pre-packaged cake mixes.  Why would I when the few simple ingredients to make the perfect cake are already sitting in abundance in my kitchen pantry?

Also, have you looked at the ingredients listed on these pre-packaged mixes lately? I don't even know what half that stuff is so why would I willing put that into my body?

So I may raise a few eyebrows with this post as these little cupcakes were born from a packet.

Raspberry and Coconut Gluten-Free/Fructose-Free Cupcakes

Having recently been contacted by Melinda of Melinda's Gluten-Free Goodies

about her 2 new fructose-free cake mixes, I was intrigued.  Happy to be proven wrong, and always happy to support other people's dreams, I agreed to give them a try along with my honest opinion.  I was pleasantly surprised.

These cupcakes are not your light fluffy cupcakes that you buy at the millions of cupcake shops that have sprung up all over town.  They're a little heavier and a little drier (due to the gluten-free flour), but I have no problem with that as I'm not a fan of those "tissue paper" cakes anyway.

It was the taste I found surprising most of all as they are sweetened with Natvia, a sweetener I have not lovingly embraced due to the after taste, however I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I did not get that with these cakes.  What did shine, was the coconut flavour and texture with just a hint of sweetness.

To decorate I whipped up a fructose-free cream cheese frosting....

250g full fat cream cheese, softened

150ml cream, whipped

Few drops of natural red colouring (I use beetroot)

In a bowl, whisk the softened cream cheese together with the whipped cream and a few drops of the colouring until thick and smooth.  Place in piping bag and go to work!

~  ~  ~