What food do I love to cook ?

Being someone who lives and breathes recipes and food, I'm often asked what my favourite type of food is to cook.  Funnily enough, it's not the easiest question for me to answer as it completely depends on the season, time of day and of course, my mood.

If it's a mid-week meal during Summer, I love nothing better than experimenting with salads, and at the moment it's the ones that contain lentils that have me drooling.

A lazy weekend on a cooler day, I can guarantee you that my oven will be on and something yummy and soothing will be inside bubbling away.

However, there seems to be a few common links that bring most of the food that I love to cook together:

1.  Simplicity

2.  Fresh, organic produce

3.  A tilt towards French flavours

Case in point below.....


Herb and Pancetta Poached Chicken



Oh la la!

Light enough for a Spring/Summer evening, yet hearty enough to satisfy anyone on a cooler night, rugged up under a blanket and wine in hand.

A dish that also freezes and defrosts beautifully!

You asked me what I like to cook, well....voila!

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This post is dedicated to the beautiful Kylie of Town Mouse Country Mouse who recently asked me to be a guest blogger on her gorgeous blog.  I was so excited to be ask I almost peed a little (almost!).

I'm a huge fan of Kylie's blog as it allows me to indulge my inner country girl, giving me glimpses of country living - something that I dream of one day! 

To take a look at my guest post over there (click here)  Just to meander slowly through Kylie's blog - it's well worth the trip (click here)

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