A dish stuffed full of greens . . .

Phew...a lot has been happening in my little world of late. 

For one thing, I just moved house this past weekend.  I've only moved 5 minutes away, but my new home has air-conditioning.....hallelujah!

On top of all the packing, culling and cleaning amidst the 30-40 degree heat we've been experiencing, in a non-air-conditioned house (feeling sorry for me yet?), I've not been well.  So my packing has been interrupted with little naps on the couch and lots of moaning.

So needless to say I have been shoveling anything green into my mouth for the past few weeks in the form of juices, salads and dinners stuffed full of vegetables, and this little flavour packed dish has been one of my absolute favourites!


chicken and lentil stir fry