SRC | Peachy Quinoa Salad

Welcome back Secret Recipe Club!  You've been well and truly missed.  And my very first secret blog for 2014 that I'd like to introduce to you all to is the beautiful Love and Flour

My first statement about this blog is that it has been a little while since my draw has dropped when visiting a blog.  Secondly, it's how I'd like my blog to grow up and be exactly like.  The words, the photo's and the lovely simplicity of it.  The elegant simplicity.

In one word.  Wow!

So after picking up my jaw from the ground I soon discovered my recipe for a hot February day in Melbourne.


Peachy Quinoa Salad

(see original recipe here)


As you can tell, I'm now Love and Flours' BIGGEST fan.  Even more so now that I've added this beautiful salad to my Summer repertoire.

Did I mention it's Summer here?  Have I mentioned how hot it is?  Thank God quinoa cooks in a matter of moments.

Thanks Love and Flour.  I'll be back to stalk you soon.  x