The Baking Series: Buttermilk Cake

Can I ask you a quick question - are you, like me, always looking for a simple, fool-proof cake recipe?

If you are anything like me, then you've tried countless recipes where some have triumphed and many (too many to count) have failed miserably.  And if you're anything like me, you're also well and truly over wasting beautiful organic ingredients, and not to mention, money.  I know I am!

So now I'm on a mission - to discover great tasting, simple cakes that we can both whip up when the need arises.  AND to find recipes that can be adapted to our various health choices.

So to get the ball rolling, I'm starting with one of my favourites, a good ol' Buttermilk Cake

This particular recipe is exactly as you see it in the At Home with Magnolia Cookbook by Allysa Torey.  I've made no changes to the ingredients list or method.


Buttermilk Cake with Plums



What a superb recipe and a cake I think you'll really love because it is light in flavour with a wonderfully smooth and moist texture which works extremely well with the gorgeous Summer fruits in season at the moment.  This cake is NOT crumbly or eggy in flavour, as I often find so many non-chocolate cakes to be.

This cake is definitely one you should make for your friends and family without hesitation, however for me, it unfortunately doesn't suit the choices I'm currently making towards my health, so if you stay tuned, my plan is to make this cake as a gluten free option and also a fructose free option.


Please let me know if you've found any amazing Buttermilk Cake recipes on your travels as I'd love to give them a try.  Even better, feel free to send me through a link to your favourite Buttermilk Cake recipe posted on your own blog and I'll happily share the link.