Would you like wine with your breakfast?

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day.  For those of you who skip it out there in blog land...you're missing out, I'm tellin' ya!  And actually, I often wonder how some of you can actually do it as I'm usually starving hungry half an hour after waking.  There's no way I would last through to lunchtime, and God help anyone around me at work if I even tried to do it.

Being someone who also only eats three meals a day, I need my breakfast to be 100% satisfying, which means it must contain some sort of protein.  Normally during the week, that would be yoghurt, but on a weekend, my love of eggs gets shouted from the rooftops.

This little egg recipe that I discovered over at 101 Cookbooks has been in my clutches for sometime now, however whenever the weekend rolls around, it gets completely forgotten.  But not this time!

Poached Eggs in White Wine

(recipe from 101 Cookbooks)



The eggs themselves ended up with a very subtle wine flavour, and in fact, if I hadn't cooked them myself, I may never have noticed.  You might even think this dish is a waste of perfectly good drinking wine, however even though very subtle, I actually enjoyed the flavour it did add, especially with the addition of the sweet shallots.

As a side note and something I wanted to share with you - I served the eggs with some of the most delicious gluten-free bread I have ever tasted from GF Precinct Artisan Bakers (and I'm not even gluten intolerant!)  All of their breads are handcrafted and made from scratch, so how could you not love them!