A bloody good croissant recipe . . .

Have you ever eaten a croissant from France?  I'm talking about the real thing.  They're super flaky and oh so buttery, and unlike the croissants we tend to get here in Australia, they're much darker in colour and a lot smaller in size.  Like America, we tend to do things BIG over here. 

Having recently purchased a croissant from a beautiful patisserie here in Melbourne, only to find it had been glazed in some sort of apricot jam (what the?), I decided to make my own.  Surely I couldn't do any worse.

Making croissants on this particular day also served a another purpose (yes, apart from obsessive greed), but to celebrate.....

I'm heading back to France!

The ticket's booked, the apartments have been sourced and the smile hasn't left my face.

Crap....guess I'd better start saving some money.


I've made croissants in the past and have had a lot of luck with the flavour,but not so much luck with the flaky texture (see one such example here).  

If you're thinking you might like to give croissant making a go, do what I did and pop across to Weekend Bakery as they give a step by step class in making the perfect croissant.  And can I tell you, it works. You'll love these croissants because they're everything a delicious croissant should be - light, flaky and buttery.  I couldn't stop dancing around the kitchen.

Also, they're super simple to make, but it is a process so you need to be patient.

My tip:  Make a truck load and stash them in your freezer as they re-heat in the oven perfectly.