Afternoon Tea: Date Scones

Were you one of those lucky kids that I was so envious of who grew up learning to make scones alongside their Nana?  Unfortunately I wasn't one of them!  Having come from English parents, I could often be found munching on scones, but I never donned an apron and sat at my Nana's knee listing to fool-proof tips in the art of scone making.

Well, I'm certainly making up for it now!  My kitchen seems to be constantly covered in flour and my freezer is bursting at the seems with baked goods.  Problem is, even though I absolutely love the recipes I've used and the scones I've made so far, I just haven't found that one fool-proof recipe that makes me dance a jig.  One that works every time, even when I'm blindfolded, and one that tastes like the scones I remember.

The lovely recipe below is one I found recently in the book TrEATs by April Carter (author of the blog Rhubarb & Rose).  I've adapted her recipe slightly for my own taste buds by using organic dates rather than currents, not adding any sugar (as I find the dates sweet enough), and I used a combination of plain and buckwheat flour for a nuttier texture.

My hips did sway a little when I tasted the end result, although unfortunately, there was no jig.



Date Scones

(adapted fromTrEATs Cookbook by April Carter)


If you have a fool-proof scone recipe, I love to hear about it - send me an email!